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Courses Taught

  • RECR 140 - Intro to Leisure Studies (3 credits)
    A study of the historical and philosophical foundation of recreation and leisure and its impact on society. Topics include recreation programs in various settings, commercial and tourism, therapeutic recreation, and career opportunities.

  • RECR 226 Sport Promotion/Marketing/Fund Raising (3 credits)
    This course examines the scope of the sports industry and introduces students to the wide range of issues in the field of sports marketing and promotions. In addition, this course examines the necessary skills and attributes required of sports managers as well as a basic grounding in sports marketing. Students will be introduced to problems/issues faced by professionals in the sports industry through guest lecturers dealing with their specific area of expertise, enabling students to better understand the daily operations and career paths in the sports industry.
  • RECR 228 Sport Administration (3 credits)
    Emphasizes effective leadership and management styles, planning and organizing, personnel, time management, budgeting, legal concerns, and future directions of sport programs.

  • RECR 320 - Facilities Management (3 credits)
    Examines design, construction, operation, and management of physical education, recreation, and sport facilities.

  • RECR 407 - Management in Recreation and Leisure Services (3 credits)
    Prepares the student to manage sport, recreation, and leisure services in public and private settings. Topics include public relations, human relations, personnel management, budgets, and management theory. Prerequisites: RECR 140; junior standing required.

  • RECR 449 - Pre-Practicum (1 credit)
    Course content includes writing a resume, cover letter, interviewing for the internship in addition to completing other requirements prior to enrolling in RECR 450 Recreation Internship.

  • RECR 450 - Internship (9 credits)
    Internship programs provide professionally-supervised career-related experience in a leisure service organization. Student must complete a minimum of 400 agency hours in a setting that demonstrates planning, leadership, administrative, and supervisory skills. Students should consult the Planning Your Career in the 21st Century Handbook and follow specific procedures stated. Permission of the instructor required.

  • GSPE 210 - Fitness for Life (2 credits)
    This course covers the dimensions of fitness and wellness including the components of physical fitness, nutrition, weight management, stress management, preventable disease, STD prevention, and developing a personal fitness wellness program for each individual. Academic and physical activities are both part of this course. This course meets the GSPE requirement.

  • PHED 315 - Teaching Tumbling and Gymnastics (2 credits)
    Teaches future physical education instructors the fundamental skills of tumbling and gymnastics. Teaching methods and safety awareness are emphasized.

  • PHED 406 - Curriculum and Administration of Phys. Ed. (3 credits)
    Enables personnel in health and physical education to understand and interpret the philosophy, principles, problems, policies, and procedures essential to the development of desirable programs. Students will develop a comprehensive physical education curriculum for teaching grades P-12.