I.                  Name of Site: HeartPower!


II.             URL:  http://www.americanheart.org/presenter.jhtml?identifier=3003417


III.         Brief Description of the Site:


This site gives teachers many ideas on how to teach children how to be more health conscience. It also teachers children what foods are good and bad for them to eat.  It also gives teacher many ideas that not only doing physical activities but it also goes into other content areas.


The goals of the American Heart Association:

        To get more children in shape

        Develop healthy habits in children

        How to have a healthy heart



IV.            List and description of teaching Resources available through the site:


Activity sheets for all different types of lessons that can be given out to the children.


There are many different games that can be played to get children healthy and to get them moving and active.


Songs and story books that children can learn and make that deal with living healthy and having a healthy heart.


V.               Three Related Resource Sites:


  1. Cardiovascular Fitness



This lesson shows students how to design a cardiovascular fitness program and encourages them to implement it in their daily lives.


2. Chronic Disease & Conditions Lesson Plans - Teaching About Specific Chronic Diseases - Cardiovascular Disease - Knowledge - Prevention


This site is for teachers to get ideas and to give lesson plans and activities right at their finger tips on how to make students healthier.  Also, the site can be used to give teachers a better understanding of cardiovascular disease.




This site is designed to help teachers get their classes in shape.  It has different activities to do 3 times a week.  The activities are already set up and put in the order that they need to be done, from warming up, doing the activity, to cooling down.  There are also alternative ideas to do so that the children are not doing the same things over and over again every week.