I.    Name of Site: Bright Smiles


II. URL: http://www.thesolutionsite.com/lpnew/lesson/10303/lesson1.html


III. Brief Description of the Site:

          This unit is designed to teach students good dental hygiene habits. Students will participate in hands-on activities designed for students at the third grade level. Lessons may be modified for other age levels. Hands-on activities include making homemade toothpaste, practicing proper brushing techniques on a model of teeth and on their own teeth, conducting experiments to see the effects of acid on teeth, and conducting experiments to see the effects of soda and juices on teeth. The culminating activity will be a field trip to a dentistís office. Technology will be integrated throughout the unit through the use of Internet sites, word-processing skills, the use of the projection device, and graphing.

IV. List and description of teaching Resources available through the site:


Colgate has over 20 videos for students of all ages.  The ages range from 4-9, and also have interactive videos as well.


The PowerPoint slide show can be viewed by going to the website and clicking on the slide show.

        The PowerPoint goes through the things that children should and should not do.  It teaches then how to take good care of their teeth.


V.   Three Related Resource Sites:

1.      San Diego County Dental Disease Prevention Program



This website has lots of fun activities for children of all ages.  It helps children learn about taking good care of their teeth with activities such as: word puzzles, making puppets, crossword puzzle, songs, and many other fun activities.


2.      Kids Stuff



        This site is prepared by the American Dental Association and is designed just for kids.  It has four sections that kids can look up information, such as common questions, they can play a game, they can go to very cool sites (which is other sites that relate to dental health), or they can go to tooth facts for kids.


3.      Bright Smiles, Bright Futures


        This website is put together by Colgate and is designed to get teachers started on teaching children about dental health.  There are many free kits and items that you can order for your class to get them on their way to brighter smiles.