Originally “Life At Its Finest” was meant to be one novel titled “It Only Matters” but as the story unraveled in my head and poured itself onto paper I came to realize it was not meant to be stuffed between two covers, but instead six; a trilogy was born. In December of 2013 I found myself in a very bipolar relationship. Seeing as both parties were actually diagnosed bipolar this became a wish-washy situation. Truth be told he felt as if he was still in-love with one of his exes but had no way of returning to the previous relationship. This left me stuck between a rock and a hard place. On our rough nights I dreamed of him running away with her, leaving me in the dust. It was these nights that brought me to formulate “Life At Its Finest.” Though the characters themselves differ completely from the reality of which I was living, the situation inspired me, along with my life as a whole. “Life At Its Finest” is in partial what my life was, is, could have been and could be- all wrapped into one fictional trilogy.