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Hedgsville, W.V. 25427

Phone: 301-455-3650

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It has been a dream of mine to become a nurse and care for patients while they are in need.  I enjoy helping people and seeing smiles on their faces when I make them feel better. I need to have my professional information in one area that employers could find. That led me to create this website. When employers are making decisions on staff to hire I have easy to find resume and supporting materials built into this website.  In the future I hope that this website will help me attain my career goals.

My career objective is Nursing.  I chose this career path because I enjoy caring for the sick and want to make a better environment for the patients. 

believe patients deserve the best comfort care that someone can provide.  As a nurse I pledge to always provide this care to them and pass my leadership and skills onto others. I feel that all caregivers should provide the best comfort care possible.

Some awards that I have received was the Daughters of The American Revolution award. School Attendance and sport participation awards.  I recieved awards from Soccer, Softball, Baseball, Basketball, Tennis, Bowling, and swimming.

I have volunteered at animal rescues. Help fed the animals and trained them to be able to have a better home.  I also volunteered at Shenandoah Woman Center. Helping spread education on how to get help and where to go. I worked at City Hospital caring for patients as part of the nursing program at Shepherd University.  There I changed the patients wound dressings, gave shots, and provided comfort care.  I really enjoy working with patients to help them through tough times.  I enjoy making them laugh and keeping their spirits high.



Some Examples of my coursework include Fundamentals of Nursing, Pharmacology, and Gerontology. My work that I have completed from these courses are Patient care plans, Test taking skills, and Comfort care pratices. The examples below are examples of Recreation class.

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