Kalevra is a progressive metal band based out of Frederick, MD. The band was founded by guitarist Devin Huck, drummer Brendan Crow and singer Tommy Whiting. Formed in early 2009, the band has gone through several different lineup changes with guitarists and bassists. Bryant Jack had been added as the set rhythm guitarist after 2 years of the band switching between guitarists. After various returns of bassist Alec Brulia and Sean Crow, Nathaniel Hallock completed the final lineup a month after Alec's final departure (for college, no hard feelings!) in Summer 2012.

      Throughout this process of finding band members, the band released two EP's online which initiated the growth of their fanbase. In July of 2010, the band put out their self- titled debut EP with their fan favorite "Kansas City Shuffle." Right after the release, Kalevra toured north up the east coast promoting the EP. Around December 2011, Kalevra released their 2nd EP titled "I Killed Carnegie Hall" with producer Jordan Miller (Time Columns).

      Currently, the band is recording their first full-length album which will include 11 new songs. With the lineup complete, the band feels the new material is the best yet with a different take on the metal world. While challenging themselves technically, Kalevra has sought to release something fresh with memorable melodies while still keeping the heavy, vicious energy from earlier EP's. Kalevra is a band that will always strive for indulgence in harmony coupled with complex rhythms to consistently keep the listener engaged. With the release of a full length, Kalevra will prove to be a strong presence in their genre.