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Help keep your classmates healthy: Design a game

Updated June 30, 1999

Scored a 21, which is 5 stars on the rubric.

This webquest made it very clear what the task was. In it the students are to make up a game that will be entertaining to their classmates as well as keeping them active. I think that children would love to do this activity; they always want to make up their own games and rules. The background for the project had a few problems, there were some dead sites and a lot of the research probably could have been completed without the use of the web. This webquest would be very good for making the students think, they have to take what they have learned and apply it to make a game. The n they have to write a paper explaining the rules, safety factors and what skills it takes to play the game. The conclusion brings it together by having the children think about a couple of questions. The activity would probably be brought more to a close in class, with the children sharing their games with each other.


Advertising and kids nutrition: A webquest

Scored a 20, which is 5 star on the rubric

††††††††††† I thought this webquest would be somewhat engaging, but some kids may not enjoy the activity that much. The task is clear, the students are expected to make an ad for a certain breakfast. The use of the web was good, there was a website that the kids could put in their meal and the calories, fat and other things would be added up for them to see. Transformative thinking for this webquest is good, the kids have to take what they know about advertising and create their own ad. They have to think about what attracts them to a specific item that is being advertised. The feedback would probably have to be done in class, with the other students. The conclusion didnít wrap up the activity very well.


Organ Systems: A human body webquest for fourthgrade

Last updated November 10, 2004

This webquest scored a 19, which is 4 stars.

††††††††††† This webquest attempts to appeal to children, but may not entirely do so. It has a clear question and task. The students are to work in groups to research and map the body systems. This could probably be done without groups and would work better, because the students would all have to work. With the way this is set up the students arenít given specific jobs, which is needed. The use of the web with this webquest is good, but it could be done without the web. There are in class things that the students are doing that would be sufficient enough information for them to complete the task, they might have to do a little research. There isnít much thinking involved in this activity, they are just finding and mapping the organ systems. The evaluation is very good though, the teacher has included a rubric for the students to see what is expected of them in the actual project and the presentation. The conclusion does try to tie the webquest together, but after the students are done presenting I donít see the use for them to have to go back on to the web to look at the conclusion, so it would be best if it were done in class.