I am interested in helping to make the world a better place. However, i realize that the ONLY person i can change is me. I first must begin with me. Then, maybe i can have an impact on changing the world, both as a mindful individual and as a model.

In my professional life, i have engaged in self-study in order to examine the need for change in my classroom. The Shepherd College model for our teacher education program is Teacher as Reflective Problem Solver. Using reflection is vital to my self study. In an article, "Self-study: Students evaluate the use of video "cases" in an Educational Psychology course with a field component," i examined my students' perceptions of my pedagogy. In "Encouraging a critical examination of critical pedagogy in preservice teacher education," presented at the Pedagogy and Theatre of the Oppressed 7th Annual International  Conference, my colleague Doug Cooper and i reflected upon our work here at Shepherd College.

A reflective disposition is the first step to changing me.