The world is constantly being made new again, in each moment.  Through my actions i can make it more wonderful. This is not only important in person to person interactions, but also in person to environment interactions.  If i am not careful in how i interact across cultures, religions, and belief systems, the whole world could be lost in an instant. If i do not live mindfully and gently on our earth, i could lose much in my lifetime. This world and all the inhabitants are beautiful, yet fragile. Through my actions, i can make a difference.

This is what Paulo Freire's Pedagogy of Hope means to me. At the 8th annual Pedagogy and Theatre of the Oppressed conference, Doug Cooper and i presented our thoughts about how this pedagogy can operate at the college level in our paper, "Pedagogy of hope in an era of despair." I believe that teachers must experience such a learning experience, if they are going to mindfully provide such an experience for their students. Therefore, i must attempt to provide pedagogical experiences for my students which foster critical reflection and a disposition of hope.