Nothing happens quickly.  Change--like developing a world where all life is valued, honored, and fostered--takes time. But if i continue toward my goal, eventually i will reach it. Working toward social justice is the only way to realize my dream  of a better world. I must seek and work aggressively for peace and justice, no matter the time it takes.

It seems to me that our society encourages instant solutions. We are encouraged to buy faster computers, faster cars, and faster ways to get our work done in "more efficient" ways. Life is too important to be hurried through. The possibility of making terrible, life-threatening decisions is too great, if i don't take time to listen to others, listen to my heart, and listen to nature.

I endeavor to live more mindfully. I prefer books to television. Research shows us that if we take the time to read to children, their own ability to read will be improved.  Wouldn't a world of people reading to each other, listening to each other, and learning about each other be a wonderful thing? Learning about others takes time, but it seems to me that it is time well spent.

As a teacher i must take time to foster the growth of my students. As a citizen of the planet i need to take the time to walk through my world and savor what is there. I believe it is harder to destroy the environment if you have come to appreciate it. I also believe (hope) that it is impossible to destroy a whole country full of people, if you take the time to get to know them.