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Reading the Body Language of Men

The body language that men use to show interest in someone is usually very obvious. The following are tell-tale signs that he’s smitten: group with thumbs through belt loops


a.)Straightening Up
As you would expect, if someone is interested in you they would fix their hair and suck in the old tummy right before approaching you, and men do. They slick down the stray hairs, straighten the tie, pull up the pants, etc.

b.) Body Positioning
If a man, or any person for that matter is interested in you, their body will be facing you and their toes will be pointed in your direction while you’re in conversation with them. If you all are sitting down at say a table having a conversation, then their toes would also be pointed towards you, if even one foot is pointed in your direction it’s a good sign.

c.) Hands On the Old Hips, or Through the Belt Loopsman with hands through belt loops
By placing his hands on his hips, it makes his shoulders appear broader and allows him to look bigger. This obviously shows you that he’s trying to capture your attention and show you how masculine he is, and how he could be your big protector. When a man places his fingers through his belt loops, it displays the genital region in a triangular shape, and says, “come and get me tiger”. Since men can be primitive I thought I’d throw this in, when you spot a group of men standing together with their fingers through their belt loops, it means that they are marking their territory….

d.) The Gaze
This is probably the most obvious signal that shows a man is interested in you. If he is holding your gaze and staring deep in your eyes, you’re in. man giving intimate gaze