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Reading the Body Language of Women

Women are a little more nonchalant about their signals, but if you know what to look for, you’ll be a real ladies man.

a.) Adjusting Themselves
Women adjust their clothes, smooth their hair, freshen their makeup and lip gloss, etc. before approaching someone they’re interested, in just like men do.

b.) Crossing of the Legs and the Shoe Dangle crossed legs
Women crossing their legs is considered an attractive position for them in the eyes of men….or so we’ve been told, so when a woman does this, obviously she’s trying to appear attractive to someone and you might just be the lucky one. But, she might just be sitting like this because she thinks it’s comfortable, so you can’t jump to conclusions unless….it’s paired with the shoe dangle. The shoe dangle is when a woman dangles her shoe off her toes, and sort of plays with it. If the crossed legs are paired with the shoe dangle, you’re in.

c.) Body Positioning
If a woman is interested she will be sitting facing you with her toes pointed in your direction, the same goes for her standing. If her body is not turned to be facing you, then she is facing the direction that she’d like to go in. So, if she is not facing you with her toes pointed in your direction, and is facing somewhere else, let’s say the door, she’d really like to be going through that door. Better luck next time champ!

d.) The Toss and Skin
The head toss is often portrayed as very dramatic on TV and movies, and it is always very clear that the woman is trying to get someone’s attention. In real life it doesn’t have to be so dramatic, but if she does the head toss and displays the soft skin on her neck she’s interested. Displaying of the soft skin on the wrist while talking is also another move to draw attention to herself in front of someone she’s crushin’ on.

e.) Playing With Something girl playing with necklace
When a woman is interested in someone, she will often play with something in their prescence, such as their jewelry, or they may twirl their hair around their finger like a little school girl, minus the lollipop. But do make sure that she’s not fidgeting because she thinks you’re boring and would rather be washing her hair, which is the excuse that she should have given you in the first place if you are boring.

f.) Eye Contact
If she’s looking at you all “googly- eyed”, then girl giving intimate gazeit’s pretty obvious she wants you. And if she’s not “googly- eyed”, but is maintaining eye contact, it’s a pretty sure thing that she’s interested.