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Welcome to the home page of Tim Jones, the Republican nominee for the President of Mars! We encourage everyone to that visits this page to fully explore the website and make the decision that you think is best when it comes to the election. Enjoy!

Recent election updates


Tim jones held a rally for his supporters where an esimated 15,000 Martians attended. Jones talked about how he plans on opening more jobs for the Martian people with his plan as president. He also bashed his opponent for his lack of leadership, among other things.

Derp's endorsement

Former president Kevin Derp formally announced his endorsement to Tim Jones during an interview about the current election. Despite the fact that it went against his parties beliefs, Derp was quoted "Jones really has the qualifications and passion to be a great president. He is a different breed from what we have seen in the Red House". Jones will hold a rally later this week in hopes of spreading his message even more.

Acceptance of candidacy

Tim Jones formally accepted the republican nominee for the election against candidate John Smith.