Web Review Rubric


Human Skeletal System

Description:  This webquest is designed for 4th and 5th grades learning about the human skeletal system.
Fourth and Fifth grade students have a basic knowledge of the skeletal system.  The challenge comes in expanding on their knowledge and making it interesting on a level that is comprehendable and age apporpiate.  I found that this WebQuest was easy to follow but too much on a lower elementary level.  The Webquest was not enagaging and I felt like I could have read this same information from a text book.  I would probably not use this WebQuest in my classroom!
Score:  20/50

cookie jar

Chocolate Chip Cookies: To Eat or Not!

Description: This WebQuest in designed for third and fourth graders integrating science, math, and language arts.
The Chocolate Chip Cookies WebQuest was age apporpiatly designed.  The activites taught the children to work together in groups, but just as important to work as an individual. It expanded  their knowledge on health related topics that could be used within the classroom, but in a fun and inventive manner.  I thought the teacher's planner was an important asset to the WebQuest, giving the educator a guideline in implementing this WebQuest.
Score:  46/50


Body Tune Up!

Description: Body Tune Up is designed for fourth grade students to further thier knowledge in living a healthier lifestyle.  The students are to role play using different charcters assigned by the educator, to explore a varity of websites to further their own education about health.
Body Tune Up was developed to teach fourth grade students about living a healthier lifestyle by role playing and expanding the use of the internet.  The WebQuest was difficult to read due to the choice of colors used.  This WebQuest could not be accessible in some schools because it requires the use of too many computers at one time in order for the process to be successful.  This WebQuest was not well organized and could confuse students on what their objective  would be.
Score:  15/50