Genetics and molecular biology continue to fascinate me and I hope to heighten student interest and curiosity in those fields. The completion of the human genome project represents both a major milestone and stepping stone leading to a detailed understanding of the complexity of the human body. Not featured in everyday headlines are genome projects of microbes, plants, worms, fish, and other mammals. These projects will give biologists, in all fields, the ability to probe into the molecular basis of the unique features of the living world around us. Course work in genetics and molecular biology will help prepare tomorrow’s biologists for an exciting period of genome exploration.

David Wing, Ph.D
Professor of Biology,
Shepherd College

Interested in Biology and Genetics?

Have you considered a B.S. Degree in Biology from Shepherd College?
Think about these points as you are exploring your options:
  • Small Class Sizes (Usually 15-25 students).
  • Actual Professors Teach the Classes, Not Grad Students.
  • A Remarkable Staff of Educators.
  • A Brand New Multi Million Dollar Lab Building with State of the Art Equipment and Technology.
  • The Best Reason to Attend Shepherd College: When you get your degree from Shepherd College, you are truly prepared and confident to enter the world of Biology.
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