Health and the Human Body

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Ms. Bezella
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We often take good health for granted, until we have a health problem.  Think about a time you have been sick.  Could you do all the things you wanted to do?  Could you do your best in school when your head hurt or your stomach was upset?  People with chronic health problems sometimes miss many days of work or school.  Some medical conditions, like drug addiction, nutritional deficiencies, and obesity, are preventable with adequate education and support.  Other medical conditions, like diabetes, high blood pressure, and asthma, can be treated and controlled.

your task
The Westhaven Community Network needs your help.  Too many people in the community are not as healthy as they could be.  Some people are not taking care of their bodies the way they should.  Other people do not know where to get treatment, particularly if they don't have a lot of money.  The community needs you to develop a pamphlet for neighborhood residents.  The pamphlet should educate residents about an important health concern and inform them about healthcare facilities nearby that they can utilize.


Step 1
Identify the needs of your community.  Brainstorm a list of medical concerns that you're already aware of; maybe you have friends or relatives that face medical challenges.  Pick one health topic to focus on.   Print out and complete the Health Project Focus Sheet.

Step 2
Investigate examples of other health pamphlets.  Print out and complete the Medical Pamphlet Overview Sheet as you analyze two of the pamphlets.

Step 3
Use books and the Internet to research your particular health topic.  (Use the Resources link below for helpful web sites)  Be sure to write notes in your own words and identify the web addresses where you got your information.

Step 4
Sketch an outline for your pamphlet on a piece of blank paper.   You will need to include at least one chart or graph in your pamphlet.  You may look back at the sample medical pamphlets for help.  Then use Microsoft Word to create your pamphlet on the computer.  Use Microsoft Excel to create any charts or graphs.  Use the Project Rubric in the Evaluation section to make sure you've got all the necessary elements.  When you have reviewed your final product, print it out in color.

Web Resources
Chicago Health and Human Services

Centers for Disease Control

Health Finder

Search Engines

Your project grade will be based on your planning worksheets, the quality and accuracy of information found in your pamphlet,  the design/technology component of your pamphlet, and your citing of the sources used in your pamphlet.  Click here to see the Project Rubric which will be used to grade your project.  You may print out a copy and evaluate your own work.  You will also give an oral presentation to explain the information contained in your pamphlet and to describe the process you used to research and complete this project.  Click here to see the Oral Presentation Rubric which will be used to grade this

At the end of this project, you should have a better understanding of a particular health condition and a greater appreciation for the importance of good health.  You researched a particular health condition and created a pamphlet to share your knowledge with others.  Did you do your best?  Who do you think will benefit from your pamphlet?  What might you do differently next time?  


adequate: (adj.) enough
chronic: (adj.) often present, happening repeatedly
facilities: (n.) buildings developed for a particular purpose
pamphlet: (n.)  booklet of information

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