"Training begins the day you bond with your mutant. From then on, nothing can stop you. Only death."

-President Yoder, 2030-2034



Dear student,

You have been selected for mutant training. Congratulations. Few are chosen to take up this cause, but it is crucial to our survival. You are one of the few who have what it takes to help us reclaim the Earth. As you know, we are descendants of humans past who, unlike us, were unaware of the devastation they would bring to our once beautiful planet. It is up to you to help take back what was once yours and your forefathers'; to reclaim what is now rugged, dangerous, and wild. Your mission is to learn from your ancestors, and to not make the same mistakes they did. Our goal is to reclaim the planet, but not to make it as it once was… Today you begin your training.


Meghan Richards, CEO Mutant Instruction

"Bonding with my mutant, who I named Michah, has been the best thing in the world. It was always my dream to be a mutant trainer."

-Shaun Green, fire mutant trainer

"This is a dream! I always wanted to bond with a water mutant. I love how they can turn into acid."

-Bethany Timmons, water mutant trainer