Paleoecology:  Trophic analysis as applicable to bryozoan fossil assemblages.  Faunal succession.  Functional morphology of Bryozoa.

Biostratigraphy:  Establishment of biostratigraphic zonation applying improved taxonomic concepts.  World-wide comparison (Soviet Union, Australia, Indonesia) of zonations; bryozoans used extensively for this purpose in these areas. Interfacing of bryozoan based zonations with those of other groups of microfossils and macrofossils, including conodonts, foraminifera, brachipopods, and ostracods.

Carbonate and Clastic Petrography and Petrology: Nature and diagenetic history of a wide variety of sedimentary rocks with analyses employed in petroleum exploration and reservoir analysis.

Environmental Geology: Analysis of interaction between geological and biological systems and system disruption. Hydrology and surface water analysis. Critical site placement criteria for landfills, industry and high impact facilities.

Million Solar Roofs Photovoltaic Initiative: In conjunction with the Development Office in the State of West Virginia, and working with Dr, Clarissa Mathews as well as student interns, developing a conference on application of Photovoltaic Energy in West Virginia to be held Fall 2005.  Summer of 2005 two student interns are researching PV application in surrounding states.


International Bryozoological Association Meeting, Chile, January 2004