There are key items to wear when interacting with bees. Always have a veil for your face and wear clothing that will protect you from stings. Full suits are available for purchase from some companies and beekeeping organizations. These may be best for the beginner. The average cost for these at the time of this writing can range anywhere from $70 to $125. Overall, try to avoid woolen or nylon materials and stick to white or light colors. Some beekeepers forgo gloves in order to manipulate the inside of the hive better, although for a beginner this is generally not recommended. You will want to wear clothing both that will both protect you and that you don’t mind getting stained. Bees will produce waste that shows up as yellowish marks on your clothing, so you don’t want to be wearing your finest outfit. Close off all potential to getting stung by tucking your pants into your socks and your shirtsleeves into your gloves. Wrap both your wrists and ankles with some type of band to secure your clothing in place. Be sure to wear clothing that has not previously received stings. Bees release a pheromone when they sting to alert other bees of an attacker. By wearing previously stung clothing, you are basically begging to be stung.