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Choosing healthy foods to eat can be a hard thing to do.  Sometimes healthy foods don’t taste as good as junk food.  When we eat junk food it may make our taste buds happy, but it doesn’t make the rest of our body happy.  We need to eat a variety of foods from the five food groups.  Variety keeps our taste buds happy and our bodies too.


Question & Task

Have you ever walked into the school cafeteria and said yuck?  Now is your chance to create your own school lunch menu.  You will work in groups of 3 to 4 to design a meal plan for school lunches.  It will be your job to make sure that all of the food groups are included and that there are a variety of different foods throughout the week.  For every day all food groups must be written down and next to each one put the food item(s) that are in that group that you are using.  Ex. Milk Group – Cheese; Fruit Group – Banana.  Visit the food pyramid to find out how many of each group are needed per day and what some examples are.  Be creative in your meal plans.  Remember to choose healthy foods.


The Process and Resources

First go to to find out the five food groups and what foods belong in each one.

Second write down on a piece of paper the five food groups and then start thinking of what would make a good lunch.

Third visit the following websites for more information and help. Eat 5 to 9 A Day for Better Health Healthy School Meals Resource System Staying Healthy Explore the World of Nutrition with Nutrition Explorations Food and Nutrition Information Center

Finally create your menus and use a variety of foods.  Have fun!



Now that you have learned how to create school lunch menus you can take what you have learned about foods and apply it to the foods that you eat.  Make sure that you eat a variety of healthy foods each day from all 5 food groups and stay away from junk food.  Be sure to take care of your body. 

This page written by Heather Thompson,
Last updated November, 2005.