1. Staying Healthy For Life
  2. http://php.ucs.indiana.edu/~jaskey/introduction.html
  3. Last updated on September 27, 2001
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  5. This web quest is designed to take seven days to complete.  There are several things to be done.  On day one the children watch a movie called “Nutrition and Diet” and they read a book called “The Body and how it Works.”  Day two they visit a website and then start working on a project.  The project is interesting because they trace their partner’s outline on a piece of paper and then they label parts of the body and color it.  Day three they watch a film strip called “Slim Good Boy and Your Body.”  On Day four they learn about fast food and on day five the teacher reads “Nutrition: What’s in the food We Eat.”  Then over the week-end the children are to keep a journal of everything that they eat and any activities that they do.  When they come back to school they go over their journals.  This is a neat website and the links are good too.