So, you're curious about the mysterious and expansive world of Wicca? Well, you've come to the right place! Welcome to Everything You Need to Know About Wicca, a beginner's website written by a novice for a novice.


This website is dedicated to help introduce the art and practice of Wicca to those who are curious to learn. This is not a professional website, it's just meant to be an introductory lesson to some of the basic beliefs and practices of Wicca to help kickstart whoever wishes to explore the religion further.

So the main question is, what is Wicca? in short, Wicca is a a subgroup of a much larger group known as Pagans. Wiccans are often seen as witches portrayed in Hollywood stereotypes. This would not be the case. While the term "witch" is technically correct, Wiccans do not fly on broomsticks or cast levitation spells. There are "spells" that Wiccans use to help them with problems such as finding a job or getting through heartbreak, but these are not achieved through a magic wand. Spells and rituals require focus, sheer will-power, and the belief that the magic will help achieve what that person is going for.

Wicca is an earth-based religion, meaning that Wiccans worship and take care of the earth in return for being given life.

Wicca is free-range, allowing whoever wants to practice it to do whatever they so wish as long as it doesn't harm anyone in a negative way. This allows a person to pick their own gods, celebrate the holidays in whatever way they wish, and decorate their altars with whatever makes them feel right. Wicca is experiemental in every way, shape, and form.

Everything in Wicca has a magical property to them. There's simple everyday spells that Wiccans use to help with busy lives, tarot readings, palmistry, and divinity, all of which produce magical properties that interact with people and the environment, whether people are aware of it or not.