• Use a plant sprayer to "splatter" the final product.
  • This blood won't last forever.
  • It will get moldy after a month
  • It's still useable, just don't eat it

Fake Blood


Every good horror movie nowadays has gallons of fake blood being splashed over the actors. You could pay for the expensive professional stuff, or you could make your own, cheap, edible blood.


Now that you have your ingredients, let’s get cooking. Fake blood is made out of 2 concentrates: Red and Purple.

First we’re going to make a red concentrate. You’ll need:

Pour the red and yellow food coloring into one of the 8 oz bottles of corn syrup, and you will end up with bright red corn syrup, and not fake blood, yet. Now for the purple concentrate.

Mix, in a different container, the same amount of ingredients as before but instead of yellow, substitute green food coloring. The final product is made by mixing the red and purple concentrates with water. The ratio of red to purple concentrate is 3:1. Add water to your preferred splatteriness (viscosity).