Massively-Multiplayer Online (MMO)

You and your traveling party of six other people have just finished exploring some ancient ruins. You feel confident in your fighting ability now that you've equipped the sword you found after slaying that mighty dragon. You boldly lead your troupe down into the darkest depths of the dungeon when a huge and powerful demon appears. You charge into battle, activating your abilities and wielding your newly found sword while your allies cast spells to protect you and keep you alive as well as throw incredible arrays of damaging spells at the target. After a long fought battle the beast falls, and you and your companions divy up the loot, ready to move on to your next conquest.


That story is more typical of MMO-RPGs, which stands for Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games. Not all MMO games are built this way but it is what is generally thought of when MMO is mentioned. Essentially all an MMO means is that you will be playing in a massive world, online, with thousands of other players simultaneously. There are shooters, RPGs, strategy games, and many other types of MMOs.

What Can You Expect?

Biggest Strength

The MMO is great for fostering a large social community within their games. This can result in friendships and in some cases even relationships. Being able to interact with so many people within a game gives players a rewarding social experience as well as a rewarding gaming experience.

Biggest Weakness

Most MMOs that are worth playing have paid monthly subscriptions. There are some that are good that do not, but they're rare. Another problem is the market is full of cheaply made free to play MMOs that paint a bad picture of what the genre really has to offer.