All about your 5 senses





Have you ever wondered how your five senses work? Your mission is to investigate and understand how the five senses work.  You will be working by yourself on this project and you will be able to participate in the activity. You will be working with different objects and listening to different kinds of noises! Get ready to use your senses!

The Task

You will be exploring all of the five senses, click on the first sense to get started:

**Make sure you click on the link that is given to you, NO OTHERS!**






Click on each sense and you will have to INVESTIGATE how each sense work and answer questions! When you are finished, come back to the main page and make sure you have all of your findings written down on your paper!


The Process

You will click on each sense above in the order that they are given. At the end of each task you will have to have a piece of paper and write down the answer to the questions about the websites you had to investigate! You will also write down some things that go along with that sense. Make sure you read everything and when you go to a website, only go to the one given. When you are finished, the last page will bring you back to this main page.  All of your findings should be recorded on your piece of paper and you will bring that to class with you. Everyone will share their different things the smelled, tasted, saw, touched and heard!



See the RUBRIC for grading this webquest.


Learning Advice:

There is a lot of information about your five senses, don't be overwhelmed--take your time! Make sure you write everything down on your piece of paper so you don't forget anything you are investigating. 



Great job investigating your five senses! You have completed your mission. Now you know how important all your senses are and how they work. Make sure you bring your piece of paper with your answers to all of the questions and your findings!


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Designed by: Jennifer Henckel