About:    My name is James Paul Kelley, A.K.A. the Abstract Marcher. I am an Abstract Expressionistic painter from Hedgesville, West Virginia. I have been painting for 2 years, but have had a passion for art since I was a little kid, by doodling and drawing whenever I was bored.

       I am not…NOT an art major. I am a Communications and New Media major with a concentration in Media Studies and a minor in History. I just happen to love abstract paintings and what they bring to the table. They allow the viewers to create images and connections in their heads and tell their own stories with the art. Art is my stress release and my sanctum of peace (along with music…especially marching band).

       I have depression and along with it, I have to fight off anhedonia (a loss of interest/pleasure in things normally found enjoyable). I do use my depression as a staple for some pieces. I also have ideas or designs in my head that I put onto the canvas. I am a color/emotion artist, so some pieces may be darker than others and some are pre-planned ahead of time.

        I have a great passion to make people feel something when they see my art, no matter what it is; it means you are thinking and being evoked in some way, shape, or form. Your brain is being provoked and having some sort of reaction to my art. As long as you are not just blankly staring at it, I know my job is done. As long as I get some sort of reaction, that is what matters; I caused you to think about art for a moment. Enjoy this page and feel free to contact me about any questions my FAQ page doesn’t answer, or if you feel like chatting, that’s cool too.

                                                                                                          Sincerely, JPK / AM

PAINTINGS: All paintings are painted with acrylics and are painted on stretched canvases.

WHY? / Lion Cub   

 $90  18x24in.(45.7x60.9cm.)

   This piece has garnered a bunch of responses since it painted it. I painted this piece as a test of gold metallic acrylic paint and how it works with my painting style. I say it was a success. This piece has two titles in it because of the different images it conjures. “WHY?” is because of the face in the piece looking like its saying why. “Lion Cub” is because a bunch of people say they saw a lion cub in the piece. The orange and gold is his mane and facial features. The circles are his eyes and the black splotch is his little nose.

  Resonant Waves    
    $105   18x24 in.(45.7x60.9cm.)     
   One of my biggest inspirations to paint was looking at pieces by Jackson Pollock, the famous abstract painter known for his giant splatter paintings. Well, I figured to one day go outside during a nice summer day and go to town flinging paint. Needless to say, my right arm hurt for a few days, but this is the end result. Some have said it reminds them of a warp in time and space. Some have said it reminds them of sprinkles. Whatever the case, I unleashed a little bit of my inner Pollock and may have to do it sometime again soon because this was a fun piece to do.

Primitive Discoveries
         $75     15x30 in. (38.1x76.2 cm.)

     This is my first acrylic painting w/ a yellow background. I initially wasn’t going to scratch the flames into the blackish-red blotch, but I figured to go ahead and do something to add a little depth and meaning to the piece. After that scratching, the piece took a life of its own to tell of our primitive ancestors and even has a cave-painting of its own in the piece itself. The marks in the paint were made with a plastic fork. Utensils can be a very effective tool for creating effects and final touches for paintings.
In the Eyes of the Beholder           
$55  12x16 in. (30.5x40.6 cm.)
       With this piece, my original intention was to create something that had an old. Leather bound book feel. I painted the brown, orange, and yellow one night and let it dry and conceptualize what to do next. I started the next day with the blue, purple, and black paint on a palette- knife and used the knife, along with other tools and created the sight that beholds you. It has a lot of implied imagery, like a thumbs-up, a guitar, etc. Thus, the title. You, the viewer, are supposed to think and use your imagination with this piece and imagine what you think it is that you see in this juxtaposed piece.

Paradise Explosion

 $85 12x36 in. (30.5x91.4 cm.)

    This is the first piece I painted while using a special grooved comb that is used to add texture in paintings. I had also decided to limit my color palette to black, red, gold, and white. This way, I didn’t over-complicate the piece and lose its uniqueness.

Vibrance of Motion
$250 30x40 in. (76.2x101.6cm.)

      This is my largest piece to date and I also decided to use spray paint as an accent to what I had painted. It was fun to use it to get into areas I was wary of with a brush. I used mostly bright colors for this piece, with darker colors in the piece to give it a balanced feel. All in all, a great piece that is well worth the sight.

Lapis Lazuli

$200   40x30 in. (101.6x76.2 cm.)

    This piece is based upon the stone Lapis Lazuli. It is a calming/relaxing stone that allows one to be able to become calm and handle with stressful situations better, it helps with dealing with relationship issues and how things can get resolved in a better manner. It also helps open up and keep creativity going. I have worn a lapis stone since the ending of the spring semester of my freshman year in college…about the same time I started painting again.

Downpour of Color   
$100 22x28in. (55.8x71.12 cm.)

      This piece was a test of what can I use the cool colors of the color wheel to create. Naturally, being drawn to water, I decided to try an abstract downpour. The nature of this piece should be calming and relaxing, despite the rather harsh looking brushstrokes I had to use. Whenever I am at the beach on vacation, I use the noise of crashing waves and the motion of the ocean bobbing back and forth to help me sleep.

Explosion of Color
$100 22x28in. (55.8x71.12 cm.)

      The exact opposite thing with Downpour of Color. Fire automatically came to mind with the warm colors. Some people say it’s a flower…it’s supposed to be an explosion…of color…detailing the colors and shades and gradients inside of an explosion. I had fun with this piece because of it detailing the complex nature of explosions in a general and non-representational manner, because they are all so unique and complex, I went off of a generality… easier to paint it that way.

Opening up my Emotion Bottle
$70 11x14 in. 27.9x35.6 cm.

      I had a very bad week at school and work. I just needed to get my emotions out and I went to town on this bad-boy. There is a slash down the center to signify I opened up my emotions and the painting shows how I feel on the inside (especially with depression). I like it and a lot of people do too because they see how I feel in this piece. My mom hates it….TFB mom.


$100 18x24 in. (45.7x60.9 cm.)

       With this piece, I felt like I needed a little something special to get back from a small hiatus with painting because of work and school. I decided to test my hand with trying to use as many colors as possible and in as many different styles to create something awesome. This is the result. And yes, that shape in the smack middle of the piece looks like a spinal cord and the thing on top does look like a skull.
Oceanic Eruption   
$90 32x20in. (81.28x50.8 cm.)

       This was one of the first attempts I made for a diptych painting. It harkens back to my enjoyment and love of the water. This more so goes towards the unknown and danger that are in the deepest depths of the ocean waters in trenches and crevices. There are eruptions that happen under seas because of volcanic activity in the ocean and it has led to some very horrific natural disasters. This kind of portrayal makes destructive forces become a little bit easier to understand and less threatening (The real deal is terrifying….This is not what a volcanic eruption under water looks like).

Intrinsic Circles   
$130 20x24 in. (50.8x60.9 cm.)

       For this piece, I wanted to try and use as many bright and neon colors as possible with the dark purple being used to add effect and depth. The word intrinsic means ‘essential’ or ‘belonging to’. The circles made with black white and gray paint were used to add a finishing touch to the piece and I believe that they help add a little something extra to the painting to make it stand out. I also like to learn new words that can help create intrigue in my artwork and to help further my vocabulary.

Dynamic Graffiti
$80 12x36in. (30.5x91.4 cm.
      For this piece, I decided to just go to town on the canvas with no idea as to what I wanted to do or color selection. ANYTHING was free game. I just let the brushstrokes speak and if I liked something, I kept with it and continued painting to try and not ruin the rest of the piece. There is a giant letter D/d in the piece….that was and isn’t supposed to imply anything or mean anything, I just happened to try and idea out and it didn’t work like I planned, so I left it alone and touched it up a little here and there.

$35 8x10 in. (20.32x25.4 cm.)

       This one goes way back to when I first started painting. My emotions and thoughts were jumbled up about a lot of life decisions and choices, like religion, dating, work, and school. I felt like going with a red background because red is my favorite color. Then gray for the emotions and feelings I was going through, which, with depression, is extended periods of gray, dull, nothingness. The swirls ad arrows that are amuck about the canvas represent the ups and downs and spirals and perils of life. Thus, discombobulated. The green, whites, and blues in the corners… I forgot what they represent.


               $90 30x24 in. (76.2x60.9 cm.)

       I decided to go outside and paint a new splatter painting and include spray paint into the fray of my repertoire. I ended up not liking what I was doing at first and decided to trash the canvas, then I noticed a cool effect in the orange and blue areas, then decided to make it transition from black, to blue, to orange, to splatter, going with the color wheel and gradation scale as reference. Complimentary colors and black go well…especially in showing an effect. The cracking of the orange was I think due to the spray paint drying quicker than the other two and the propellant mixing with the paint and the splattered paint and created cracks (This is a smarter way of saying I have no idea how it happened.)


$95 20x24 in. (50.8x60.9 cm.)

      Another three color painting. I entitled it U.C.R. because in my mind, I at first see and universe, then a canyon, then a river. Read into it as you will, but going from a big picture object, like a universe, to a small picture object, like a river, is a very interesting and unique perspective to see things. Again, complimentary colors and neutral colors work very well and make the piece stand out. I also used a steel comb tool in this piece to give it an added effect that goo against the grain of what the brushstrokes produced.
Autumn Descending
$75 18x24 in. (45.7x60.9 cm.)

         This piece is one of those times when I was painting outside during a crisp, autumn night and a leaf happened to fall on the painting while figuring out where I wanted to take the piece. I gathered four more leaves and placed them on the canvas while I was painting and added the splatter a little more gingerly than I would normally go because I wanted the colors and the leaves to stand out and the splatter would just be there to add to them. The finger print in the corner is just a little insurance policy incase this piece happens to be stolen or something mundane like that.

$55 16x20 in. (40.64x50.8 cm.)

       Jungle is what happens when I decide to go with one color (green) and about four or five different shades and variations of that one color. I tried to give it as much depth and uncertainty to the piece because of the fact that unless you massively do extensive research before entering, jungles can be intimidating and treacherous places to travel to. The scratched in piece in the center can either be representative of a warning, a machete piece of very leafy trees, or a giant leaf in and of itself.
Ventus Solaris

$90 32x20in. (81.28x50.8 cm.)

       Ventus Solaris, or “Solar Wind”, is what happens when I get a new paint and play with it. I included a deep purple in the outer ridges of the piece to add some effect and gradation to the piece to create its interesting color pattern. The comb came back out too for an appearance and to add to the circular pattern of the piece. Based around the sun and its complexities, the black splatter on the edges are to indicate the great awe and shock that the sun gives us.
Impulsive Reaction

$80 20x16 in. (50.8x40.64 cm.)

       With this piece, I tried my hand at using a Gel-medium that would allow me to not need to use as much paint and just mix in what I have left to create more paint to use. I got a little crazy with the red and my palette knife, but I wanted an all red background for this piece. I also kept it simple with the line work. While it isn’t even and uniform in shape and angle, it adds to the uniqueness (I wanted even lines though). The square off-center to the left was made using modeling paste and black paint to create a hardy and stable design to anchor the piece. However, the blue inside of it and outside of it was and after thought that I am glad I added.

  1. Q: How long does it take for you to get paintings out to customers?
  2. A: Since I have yet to ship a piece, it is hard to say. I will, however, strive to do my best to get it out ASAP.
  3. Q: How long does it take to paint a piece?
  4. A: Depends on the size of the piece, what materials I am using, etc. I usually can get a piece done in about 2-3 hours or so.
  5. Q: What got you inspired to paint?
  6. A: Well, besides what was listed in the ABOUT page, I paint because I feel free and away from the world when I am painting and need to just release energy into a creative form. If I didn’t, I would probably have been in a few fist-fights. I also got inspired to paint by Jackson Pollock, John Beckley, Edvard Munch, Michael Lang, and John Farquhar.
  7. Q: Do I paint anything else besides on canvases?
  8. A: Yes. I in fact paint laptop cases/sleeves, phone cases, iPod cases, etc. I can pretty much paint anything you ask me to.

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