What is this site all about?

Good Question! This site is dedicated to shedding light on a few pieces of emerging technology. Now you may be asking yourself what exactly is "emerging technology"?.


An emerging technology is a field of technology that broaches new territory in some significant way, with new technological developments. Examples of currently emerging technologies include educational technology, information technology, nanotechnology, biotechnology, cognitive science, robotics, and artificial intelligence

That's about it in the most simple terms.


Emerging technology has been around ever since...well technology. Ever since the first caveman decided "Hey I'm kind of chilly, I'll bet if I skin that deer and wear its fur I'll be much warmer!" There have been emerging technologies.

Don't mistake *new* technology for *emerging* technology though. The latest iPhone isn't exactly a breakthrough in cellular communication. A better way to think of it is to try and come up with a piece of technology that fills a need, instead of thinking of one that just improves on a previous version.

So now what?

Most fields of technology are pretty well covered when it comes to needs to fill, but that doesn't mean we as humans are satisfied with where we are. On the contrary scientists, engineers and science fiction fans alike are all coming together and thinking up all kinds of interesting inventions and technological breakthroughs.

Just take a look at the list on the right there and you'll see a few things straight out of the sci-fi section of a bookstore. Jet packs, flying cars, you name it and chances are that it's in development. Heck even Harry Potter's invisibility cloak is a hypothetical reality.