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Reading Data From File
Overview of Applets
Excellent Graphics Applet
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Nested if statements
Sorting Arrays
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Important Class Example
JAVA in SDK Environment
Understanding OOP
OOP simple example
Recursion example
Example of Inheritance
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This Site is devoted to CIS 104 and CIS 211 Students  (see below for concepts)
Basics of the Java Language
Advanced Java --  314 Concepts
Summary of Control Flow Statements in Java

This site is dedicated to helping students at Shepherd College

learn many of the concepts needed to program computers.

Much of the material contained and referenced at this site is

oriented to CIS 211 and CIS 314 students, but any CIS student

is free to use this site as a reference. Many of the concepts 

discussed in the early pages of this site are simplified 

so that students can dwell on concepts rather

than technicalities in the early stages of learning.

 My belief  is  " a picture is worth a thousand words"

 An Excellent Resource for 104, 211, 314

3 commands that are critical to understanding and writing java programs on the computer.

1...assignment statements

      Varuable = expression;

2...decision statements

       if( condition )
              true branch
                false branch


      for ( starting assignment ;  test condition ; increment )
            program statements
            of your choise
            to solve the problem


104 content

decision trees
web page structure
simple buttons and responses
email links
use of hyperlinks
simple javascript
Exposure to applets
Simple data types
Using an IDE eg. BLUEJ
Screen layout
color management
graphics commands
program control
decisions using if statements
simple loops
assignment statements
do-while structure
printing and formatting output
abstract decision making
introduction to networking
exposure to forms
base conversions
data representation in computers
general exposure to hardware


211 Content

Continuation of 104 but emphasizing more complex program design
   and more advanced tools and structures
expanded flowchart design
sophisticated decision making
using scanner objects
reading from files
exposure to objects
1 dimensional arrays
2 dimensional arrays
3 dimensional arrays
advanced control structures
nested for loops
predefined methods
simple sorting techniques
   bubble etc.
advanced formatting
precision handling
more advanced applets than 104
  greater detail
  wider range of graphics commands
applets and applications
calling functions
    with parameters
    without parameters
    by value
    by reference
global references
local references   
understanding scope
returning values|
returning references
critical link between arrays and for loop
advances program control
  compound ifs
  logical values
Boolean expressions