1-3 days | $20 tent or $75 camper

    Week | $50 tent or $150 camper

    10 Days | $60 tent or $200 camper

    3 Weeks | $100 tent or $300 camper

Questions? Concerns? Please Call:540-867-5309

Happy Pines Campground

Happy Pines is located in Bloomery, WV. This location is known for its beautiful views and outdoor activities. The campground is rated as the most kid-friendly campground in the United States. Happy Pines has an accommodating and energetic staff to assist campers during their stay at the campground. The campground is gated and always guarded for the safety of our campers. Happy Pines’ has lots for tents, campers, and permanent campers. It is $2,000 for a permanent seasonal (April-October) lot, which includes utilities. Below is a chart which gives examples of the seasonal prices at Happy Pines. We hope you enjoy your stay with us!

Caudy's Castle, a scenic site at Happy Pines