Alpo's Anecdote

Artist's rendition of Alpo- ever since the news-hounding, he's become very camera-shy.

Alpo is one of the friendliest dinosaurs you'll ever meet. With his energetic step and enthusiastic greetings, he's a joy to be around and is constantly high on life. Alpo's previous caretakers, however, were probably high on something else entirely.

Gerty "LidDell" and Alma Seacritz, balloonists extraordinaire, were hungry for attention and apparently not too fond of poor Alpo, who had a tendency to pop their balloons with his spikes. In what would have been a daring publicity stunt if they had thought it through, the couple released a giant hot air balloon into the sky, claiming that the 2.6-ton sauropod was inside the basket and was now stuck in midair.

Everyone believed them, because how could you possibly not.

Local news feeds immediately become concerned for the dinosaur’s welfare, tracking the balloon as well as they could- only to hear from investigators five hours later that Alpo was not really trapped in the balloon (shocker). He had actually been locked in the Seacritz’s basement for several days, left with nothing to eat but a bag of cat food.

Gertie and Alma were sentenced to 80 hours of volunteer work at Shady Springs Sauropod RehabilitationCenter, where they were made to shovel dino poo and attend physics classes until they understood very thoroughly that no man-made balloon has ever been able to carry a 2.6-ton dinosaur. (Unfortunately, there was no one to send the reporters to the same classes.)

As for Alpo, he is currently in foster care and is doing just fine- we will be posting an adoption notice for him within the next month.

Stock image credits: Amargasaurus image from Wikipedia