Sophie's Summer


Sophie grew up under some very strange conditions. As an Icthyosaurus, it was not unusual for her to behave aggressively, as carnivores usually do- but there was something odd about her random outbursts of fear and anger, usually directed towards sharp or tapered objects.
These, as we learned, were caused by her original handler, an aging sea captain by the name of A.J. Rehab. She was taken from him when it was found that he suffered from amnesia, and that upon "discovering" a strange creature in the river behind his house every few days, he would attack her without remorse.

"Captain Rehab was doing some pretty nasty things to her," recalls neighbor Theo Jansten, who eventually phoned us to report the Shonisaurus's awful living conditions. "She would just be swimming by the dock minding her own business, and he would be throwing a bunch of sharp things at her, like harpoons and a bayonet and I think even a stuffed swordfish. And all the while he wouldn't stop shouting "Down with the white whale!" I mean, I've seen senile, but that's just... you know. I had to do something."

Thanks to Theo's call, we were able to rescue Sophie from her confusing and upsetting circumstances. In an upcoming seminar, caretakers will explain how their therapy program eased Sophie’s nerves until she became appropriately calm around both humans and long, pointy objects.