Tyler's Tale

Clearing Method

Tyler is a Tyrannosaurus Rex who, due to a mutation, was born with long arms with opposable thumbs. We're not entirely sure where he was born, but from what we've gathered, Tyler had been a street rat rex for three or four years before we got a call from his local neighborhood watch.

Leida Myer remembers watching Tyler through her window as he roamed the streets. "So there's this, like, feral Tyranno-don or whatever walking around the neighborhood, and that's bad enough, right?" she says. "We have to keep the kids inside, lock the trash bins, that sort of thing. But then one day he walks over to the O'Malley's pet cat and he starts to move funny, he bends over and just stares at the cat, and I suddenly realize "Oh, man, he's got these long and gangly arms", and next thing I know he's holding the kitty and making these wierd cooing noises. That was the moment I was like, "Um, no. This is going too far." And I wasn't the only one. Everybody was FREAKING OUT."

According to townspeople, the situation was urgent. Tyler clearly wasn't going to get by without the stubby, useless arms of a regular Tyrannosaurus.

The caregivers at Raptor Ridge will tell about how they found Tyler wandering the streets, “hopeless” and “alone” with his perfectly-functional arms; about how they held bake sales and other fundraisers to gather up money for Tyler’s “urgent” operation; and, finally, about his successful arm transplant and eventual adoption. (The webpage will contain a 2-3 paragraph short story and a one or two “photos” of Tyler.)

Stock image credits: Tyrannosaurus image by Kaltyr