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Dental & eating habits

Question: Should I brush my carnivore's teeth if his breath starts to smell?
Answer: Dental care is very important for carnivores- rotting bits of meat stuck between their teeth can easily cause nasty infections. But unless you are very confident that your sharp-toothed friend will not bite you, it is best that you visit a .

Question: My Brachiosaurus is swallowing rocks; is this normal?
Answer: Yes. Sauropods often "eat" rocks because they churn the food in the stomach and aid the huge creatures' digestive processes. Do not try this at home.

Illness & parasites

Question: My dinosaur is scratching himself, but I can't get close enough to tell what's bothering him.
Answer: The most likely cause of the itch is a skin infection or a parasite- but scales sometimes make it difficult to tell. If your dinosaur won't let you get close, you may have to hire a vet to check him out.

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