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Benji (Brachiosaurus)

Quiet and easygoing, Benji makes a great companion for a settled person with a large yard to roam.
Update: Benji has been adopted and is waiting to go home with his new family!

  • Gender: Male
  • Age: Adolescent
  • Vaccines: Up-to-date
  • House-trained?: Yes
  • Good with: Kids, cats, dogs
Cobi (Hypsylophodon)
Available (as a pair with Cali)

Cobi and his sister Cali were found in an abandoned nest in Sour Cream, Pennsylvania. Cobi is a bit shy around humans, but he is quick to warm up to a friendly handler. He is super mellow and loves nothing more than to sit in your lap and munch on salad.

  • Gender: Male
  • Age: Hatchling
  • Vaccines: Up-to-date
  • House-trained?: Mostly (may need to be "corrected" once in a while)
  • Good with: Other dinosaurs, kids, dogs, cats
Cali (Hypsilophodon)
Available (as a pair with Cobi)

Cali and her brother Cobi were once aliens from another dimension. Cali is much more social, playful, and energetic than her brother- she may roughhouse a bit with kids or pets, but she is smart enough not to cause any serious damage. Mostly.
On that note, we are not liable for any bite marks, clothing tears, or dramatic explosions that these hatchlings may cause.

  • Gender: Female
  • Age: Hatchling
  • Vaccines: Up-to-date
  • House-trained?: Requires house-training
  • Good with: Other dinosaurs, kids, dogs, cats, Michael Bay

Image credit: Brachiosaurus image by Kevin Tuck at rgbstock. "Cobi" and "Cali" images by Hatestock.