Other Prehistoric Creatures

Carnivores ~~~ Herbivores

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Riley (Rhamphorhynchus)

Riley came to us with several broken bones, but they healed faster than any pterosaur we've treated before. This energetic girl has a strong mind and plenty of zest for life; keep this in mind, as she will require plenty of open flying space.

  • Gender: Female
  • Age: Adult
  • Vaccines: Up-to-date
  • House-trained?: Yes
  • Good with: Dogs, kids, fish
  • Not good with: Enclosed spaces, being used as a kite
Dunno (Dunkleosteus)
Status (available, foster, etc.)

Despite his carnivorous nature and his 8000-lb-per-square-inch bite, Dunno is quite calm- even gentle (when his stomach is full).
At 29 feet long, he's a bit small for his species- but any true fish enthusiast will appreciate all 3.8 tons of him just the same.

  • Gender: Male
  • Age: Young adult
  • Vaccines: Yes
  • House-trained?: N/A (water-dweller)
  • Good with: Anything as long as he's not hungry

Lord Helix (Ammonite)
Status (available, foster, etc.)

...He doesn't have much of a personality at the moment.
(If you're looking for something a bit more active than a pet rock, Helix will need to be revived by a special machine. Please make sure you have access to one of these machines if you are interested in adopting a living, breathing Omany- I mean ammonite.)

  • Gender: Probably male
  • Age: Possibly an adult
  • Vaccines: None (have you tried giving an injection to a rock?)
  • House-trained?: N/A
  • Good with: Nothing makes him upset, really

Image credit: Pterosaur image by omg-stock. Dunkleosteus photograph by Katelyn Lindsay; taken at the American Museum of Natural History. Ammonite image by rgbstock.