How you can help

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Report dinosaur abuse

If someone in your community is known to injure dinosaurs- or any other creature, for that matter- don't stay silent! Silence will not make anything better.

Volunteer at Raptor Ridge

We offer a variety of jobs- everything from handling hatchlings to washing a Pterosaur's wings. (Jorgen Med is offering some internships, as well, if you're more interested in the medical fields.) On top of fulfilling your passion for getting up close and personal with these giant lizards, these jobs are great experience for veteranary/pet care careers! We're always happy to write reference letters for a diligent volunteer.

Contact Carol Llivowski to find out how you can volunteer.


As a non-profit organization, we are always grateful for any dino-care items you can spare, whether it's two tons of beef or a single disinfectant wipe (preferably not used, please!)

Help out in your community

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