National Parks

It is my opinion, that national parks are essential to our country. Some individuals may think that they aren’t all that important, but that’s not the case at all.

In today’s world, technology and advancements prevail above most things, but our national parks preserve the things that are truly important. Nature, history, community, and kindness.

With society advancing and building up the cities, it is a relief to know that the parks still contain miles of pure nature. And history. While some history may be lost to time, at least we’ve gone about preserving it in places such as Harpers Ferry National Park. The kindness and community built in the parks is just as important, as well. I can’t vouch for every park or every person, but whenever I have visited a park, everyone I’ve met has been unbelievably kind, and there has just been a sense of understanding. While I understand some people may not understand this, I just truly believe that our national parks are treasures.