Larry Z. Daily
Chair of the Department of Psychology
Associate Professor of Psychology

The C&O’s Piedmont Subdivision

This is my avocation. As a child I loved to watch the C&O’s trains in central Virginia (my model of the place I used to watch trains can be seen to the right). As an adult, I enjoy research, even in my hobbies. This is my site devoted to the C&O’s Piedmont Subdivision

Publications on the Piedmont Sub

  • Daily, L. Z. (2010). The Piedmont Subdivision: The Oldest Tracks on the C&O. The Chesapeake and Ohio Historical Magazine, 42, (No. 6), pages 12-21.
  • Daily, L. Z. (2000). Gordonsville, Virginia: Piedmont Crossroads. The Chesapeake and Ohio Historical Magazine, 32, (No. 9), pages 7-17.

Other Models

I also engage in modeling things other than working memory and railroads. I’m also an avid fan of Star Trek. Here’s a combination of those two interests: my models of the Starship Enterprise. I also build other modeling subjects; these are my Sopwith Camels and my P-51 Mustang project.

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