Larry Z. Daily
Chair of the Department of Psychology
Associate Professor of Psychology

Psychology of Hobbies

My current research primarily involves exploring the psychology of hobbies, with a special interest in why people choose to spend their time building models.

Publications and Presentations on Hobbies and Leisure

Working Memory

My previous research primarily involved the experimental investigation of the role of working memory in cognitive task performance. I also did some computational modeling of working memory capacity using the ACT-R framework. A brief description of this project, click here. This work was conducted in collaboration with Lynne M. Reder and Marsha C. Lovett.

Publications and Presentations on Working Memory

Recognition Memory

Before going to Carnegie Mellon I was a graduate student in the Department of Psychology at George Mason University. There I worked with Alan Boneau on exploring the "recent negative" effect in recognition memory. The recent negative effect refers to the finding that false alarms are higher for a recently seen negative probe than for a more distant negative probe.

Publications and Presentations on Recognition Memory

The Generation Effect

I’ve also done some work on the generation effect. Specifically, we (Jim Sanford, Linda Chrosniak, a boatload of undergrads, and me) were looking at the the effects of generating idiosyncratic study materials on both recognition and recall.

Publications and Presentations on Idiosyncratic Generation Effects

Iconic Memory

I’ve also been involved in research on iconic memory. One of the assumptions of the partial report method used in demonstrating the existence of iconic memory is that an equal amount of information is available about all parts of the icon. Our (see below) research showed that this assumption may be false. In the future I hope to continue this work.

Publications and Presentations on Iconic Memory

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