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Case Studies

1.  Zambia and Botswana

At independence from Britain in the 1960's, the economic prospects for Zambia seemed much more promising than those for Botswana.  However, Botswana has become an "African success story" and Zambia's economy has stagnated.  These cases discuss how Zambia fell prey to the "African anti-growth syndromes" while Botswana avoided them.

2.    China and Russia

Both of these nations have transformed themselves from command economies to market economies.  However, their strategies were quite different and produced different economic performances.

3.    Nigeria and Indonesia

Is oil wealth a blessing or a curse for a nation?  The experiences of Nigeria and Indonesia in managing their oil wealth illustrate the circumstances under which oil wealth jump-starts development and the circumstances under which it does not.

4.    India and South Korea

Which is a better strategy for development?  Engaging in international trade or protecting domestic industries from having to compete with foreign companies?