Teaching Demonstration




Name of Activity: Fitness Development – Four Corners Fitness


Equipment:          4 cones, 8 “movement” signs/posters, 6 jump ropes, 6 beanbags, 6 hula hoops, and 6 scarves.


CSO(s):                 Developmental Level I


                             PE.K.1.1       perform locomotor movements of run, hop, jump, gallop, and slide.

                             PE.K.5.2       respect the rights of others in physical activity settings.


                             PE.1.1.7       create expressive movement sequences.

                             PE.1.3.3       attempt to perform new movement skills and activities.


                             PE.2.1.3       kick, throw, catch, and strike an object from a stationary position.

                             PE.2.2.1       identify and demonstrate directional movements of left and right.

                             PE.2.5.2        demonstrate respectful behavior toward others in physical activity settings.


Directions:           Outline a large rectangle with a cone at each corner.  Place signs with movement tasks on both sides of the cones. Children will need to be broken into groups of 4-6 for this activity.  Youngsters move around the outside of the rectangle and perform the  movements directed to them on the signs as they make their way to each of the four cones. The following movement tasks are suggested:


                             Cone 1 – Skipping/Jumping/Hopping

                             Cone 2 – Sliding/Galloping

                             Cone 3 – Various animal movements

                             Cone 4 – Sport imitation movements


Children stop at each cone and perform a fitness challenge using the manipulatives provided as they make their way around the rectangle.  The following fitness challenges are suggested:


                             Cone 1 – Jump rope

                             Cone 2 – Throw and catch bean bags

                             Cone 3 – Hop through stationary, scattered hula hoops

                             Cone 4 – Throw and catch scarves


Children will be allotted 30 seconds to move from one cone to the next and 45 seconds to perform each fitness challenge.  Identify a whistle blow to queue the children to move to the next cone. 


Source:                 Pangrazi, R. (2004).  Lesson Plans for Dynamic Physical Education for Elementary School Children.  San Francisco:  

                                Pearson Education, Inc.