About Us

When we moved from the Chesapeake Bay area and asked friends where we should go to get fresh seafood we soon realized it was time to open up the "crab shack". Family owned and operated, Chesapeake Crab was established in August 2005. Chesapeake Crab prides itself with having great fresh seafood and a casual atmosphere. A comfortable place you could only experience better with a trip to the bay. So come by and crack some crabs and drink a beer with us. It is our pleasure to serve you the finest seafood and "land lover" fare in the area. Ask about our daily lunch "specials" menu or dinner special.

At Chesapeake Crab Company our Mission is to serve our customers the highest quality,freshest product available. Our steamed crabs are brought in fresh daily from local and regional suppliers, and steamed on premise. Our quality is never left to chance. Our crabs are never brought in "pre-steamed", our reputation for quality wouldn't allow it. All our foods including the soups and salads are made fresh and prepared on premise using a time tested and authentic recipe, in many cases handed down for decades. All our steamed fare is done on premise, with the emphases on quality.

All Crabs are not created equal! At Chesapeake Crab Company we pride ourself in selecting the best product available, but please remember, many factors affect crab quality. We will always make an effort to get the best product available for our customer.