Helping the Homeless was started in San Diego by Chris Cross who before winning one of the biggest jackpots in powerball history was jobless and homeless living in the streets. Chris now dedicates all his money and time to helping those as misfortuate as he was. This organization is dedicated to the fight against homelessness. We are a Non - profit, Non - religious, and Non discriminate. Our organization is here to help not convert or turn away. With homeless shelters in 16 major cities in the United States. With homeless to home owners turn over rate at 32% we know we are making a difference. Helping the Homeless has clothed and feed thousands of low or no income citizens every year. We also offer education and technical programs, along with medical and rehab clinics located on site. Please feel free to donate either time or money both are greatly appreciated and check out our upcoming benefit Dark Ages Day.

Upcoming Benefits

    Dark Ages Day
    Homeless Run Marathon