San Antonio Tex-Mex

Tex-Mex is not the same as traditional Mexican food, it is close, but ever so slightly different. We still use the same proteins and chiles but the flavors are modified to reflect the smokey flavors of Texas. I grew up in a Hispanic family in San Antonio and my mother, aunts, uncles, and grandmother are all exceptional cooks. These foods are very special to me and i am using this website to share them with you.

These are not exact recipes, just a general layout of our traditional and classic dishes. Mostly so you can understand what we eat and have an idea of how we make it.

Lastly, I encourage you to take a trip to San Antonio and enjoy the food. Eat at local small-business restaurants. There are some chains, but some have gone down in food quality over the years on some items.

San Antonio holds an extravagant festival every year beginning in April going through May called Fiesta which kicks off with the Battle of the Flowers Parade. The entire city participates in this event, schools are even closed for Battle of the Flowers.

There are specific food related events that occur at certain times during the celebration like Oyster Bake and Niosa. There are lots of bands that come and play shows just for Fiesta.

Taco Cabana is possibly the most popular Mexican fast food chain there. The breakfast tacos are still good but the fajitas have become dry and charred.

Taco Bell is NOT Mexican food. At all. Period.

Las Palapas is becoming the favorite Mexican fast food in the area. The food is good if you need a quick fix, and they have really good burritos. Made the right way. They also serve Big Red. (More on that later).

Henry's Puffy Tacos is biggest chain for puffy tacos, and they are pretty darn amazing.

Mama Margie's is a great to go hang out with friends and get some basic Tex-Mex. It is a large restaurant, and very loud. It brings back high school memories.

Chacho's & Chalucci's is a restaurant combo but there are smaller Chacho's in the city too. Chalucci's is Italian while Chacho's serves Tex-Mex bar food. Mostly known for their "Pile High Nachos." They have the best pico de gallo in my opinion.