For those new comers, let me explain what this site is to you. For one, it is your door into another world. Instead of just letting stories about vampires and the undead terrify you, why not let them excite you? Mythical beings are by far the most interesting creatures and unlike common assumption, they are alive. This website welcomes you to stay and visit Castle Bran, where you will encounter the undead in the flesh. No, they are not blood thirsty but they are dying to meet you, pun intended.

Castle Bran is also better known as Dracula's Castle. Yes, Count Dracula actually walked these halls and dined with the locals... well, on. The mystery and raw power that engulfs this castle is too irresistable to resist. That is why a well revered lord has purchased the estate. His goal is to turn it into a hotel that can grace those brave souls with an experience into any fantasy novel.

So dive deeper, explore our website and learn about all that Castle Bran has to offer you, because I can promise that it will be a trip you'll never forget.