• I'm a pretty average guy with a passion for motorsports and motorcycling in particular.


this is a schedule of track days I plan to attend this season.

May 11 Sun Shenandoah
May 12 Mon Summit Point
May 25 Sun Shenandoah
May 26 Mon Shenandoah
June 7 Sat NCBIKE
June 8 Sun NCBIKE
July 4 Fri Summit Point
July 5 Sat NCBIKE
July 6 Sun NCBIKE
July 13 Sun Shenandoah
July 14 Mon Summit Point
July 27 Sun Shenandoah
July 28 Mon Summit Point
Aug 10 Sun Shenandoah
Aug 11 Mon Summit Point
Aug 16 Sat NCBIKE
Aug 17 Sun NCBIKE
Aug 31 Sun Shenandoah
Sep 1 Mon Summit Point
Sep 15 Mon Summit Point
Oct 4 Sat NCBIKE
Oct 5 Sun NCBIKE
Oct 6 Mon Summit Point
Oct 26 Sun Shenandoah
Oct 27 Mon Summit Point