• I'm a pretty average guy with a passion for motorsports and motorcycling in particular.


I'm no journalist but here are some summarized news stories that cought my eye.

Gran Prix Racing

Colin Edwards is retiring from racing at the end of this season. He is a great racer and motorcyclist. The Texas Tornado Boot Camp is still going to be offering camps. The Texan and two time World Superbike Champ is quickly approaching forty and while I’m sure he wants to keep riding decided that his time in the GPs was over. He made the announcement earlier this year at the Texas GP in Austin.

Other News

A new documentary film, titled Road, is set to come to cinemas this summer charting the story of the Dunlop family that has been involved with motorcycle road racing for more than 30 years.
Narrated by Liam Neeson, Road follows the lives of Northern Irish motorcycle road racers, Joey, Robert, Michael and William Dunlop.
Directed by Diarmuid Lavery and Michael Hewitt, this feature length documentary details the story of two sets of brothers. Brothers who’ve dominated motorcycle road racing for more than three decades, Joey and Robert Dunlop. Even now, Robert’s sons are following their uncle and father into the motorcycle racing arena.