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I am currently studying to be an elementary teacher at Shepherd College in Shepherdstown, WV.  I have completed almost all the courses required to attain my goal--except the education courses.  I currently have accrued four hours of education courses and roughly 60 hours of college courses.


This website, as you may notice, is very basic.  That is however the goal of my current education course-EDUC 209: Technology for Teaching.  In this course we learn the basics of computer software (i.e. Excel, Word, FrontPage, etc.).  This of course is to aid us in our future endeavors in our teaching field.


The links to the left were placed to direct you to two other pages on my site; below are brief descriptions of the contents.  Since this website is a project required for my EDUC 209 course this website will change throughout the semester--with the end product appearing no later than May 5, 2004.

bulletThe Projects page will contain links to five projects and their files, as I complete them for this course.
bulletThe Resume page provides an outline of both my work and educational experience.  There will also be highlights of my schooling career including honors and other related achievements.

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In the online gaming community I am known by the alias "Gorfunion."  Throughout this website are pictures that I and my friends have created--some animated and some still.  I hope you enjoy!


Site last updated: 05/01/2004