Awards Received

Certificate of Horticultural Merit;   Amer. Orchid Soc.         Rodriquezia lanceolata "Little Princess"
CHM/AOS    2/5/94    Awards  Quarterly  25:2  (940086) 

Certificate of Botanical Recognition:  Amer. Orchid Soc.  Encyclia papillosa "Ken Corbett" CBR/AOS 7/2/94   Awards Quarterly 26:1 (9410011)

Certificate of Botanical  Recognition;  Amer. Orchid Soc.  Lepanthes costaricensis "Selva Negra" CBR/AOS    8/6/94    Awards Quarterly 26:1    (941060)


           Certificate of Botanical Recognition:  Amer. Orchid Soc.

           Epidendrum purpurascens  “Rose Maloy” CBR/AOS  7/6/02

           Awards Quarterly  34:1 (20021278)


           Certificate of Horticultural Merit:  Amer. Orchid  Soc.

           Epidendrum  carpophorum “Stella” CHM/AOS  7/5/03

           Awards Quaterly  35: 1 (20031087)


           Certificate of Horticultural Merit ;  Amer. Orchid Soc.

           Epidendrum platyoon  “ Selva Peridida”  CHM/ AOs  4/2/11

            AQ Plus #20113530









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