Scholarly Presentations:

Simpson, P.D. 2007. General Ecology. WVDNR Master Naturalist Lecturer. Potomac Valley Audubon Soc. Apr.2007. Cacapon Park, Berkeley Springs, WV

Simpson, P.D. 2006. A Checklist of Extant Orchids in Nicaragua. WVAS. Poster. Apr.2006. Shepherdstown, WV

Simpson, P.D. 1996. The Economics of Nicarguan Orchids. MARENA, Managua, Nic. Invitational Sra Sandra Tijerino

Simpson, P.D. 1996. Orchids of Nicaragua. Lord Fairfax Orchid Soc. Invitational.

Simpson, P.D. 1990. Conservation of the Orchids in Nicaragua. IRENA, Managua, Nic. Invitational. Dr Jaime Incer,Minist.Director.

Simpson, P.D. 1988. Growing Orchids Under Artificial Illumination. St. Mary's College of Md., Apr. 22, 1988. Invitational.

Simpson, P.D. 1986. Observations on Mychonastes ruminatus a new green alga from the Chesapeake Bay estuary. Smithsonian
Institute, SERL, May 1, 1986. Invitational.

Simpson, P.D. and W.L. Hershberger. 1984. The short term effects of temperature on the toxicity of lead (Pb++) to the growth rate of
the estuarine green alga, Mychonastes ruminatus. Atlantic Estuarine Research Soc. Oct. 11-13, 1984.






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